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B.X.M Episodes 

Bounty-x Minddar Bounty-x Origins

Episodes 1-9 Available for study on you tube.

It's best to have the physical books.

1.The Conference

2.The sleeper must Awake

3.The Root Chakra

4.The Physical Body

5.The Soul Power

6.Shield Of The Father

7.Image A Nation

8.Arm Of Gojawa

9.Crown Chakra The Diamond Body

Bounty-x Minddar The Black holes

Episodes 1-4

10.Greed bra-do-oo-ba

11.Jealousy ke-do-ki-wa

12.Hate Bak-na-oo-ba-mo

13.Lust Ke-na-bak-ba-oo

Bounty-x Minddar The Travel Guide

Episodes 1-3

14.Planet Ootha

15.Planet Troon

16.Planet Foggle

Bounty-x Minddar The Quantum Portals

on going series and Episodes

0.The Bluck

1.Single Eye

2.The Great Seal


4.The Follower

5.Drifters Are Rallying

7.The Rally

8.The Mother

9.Earth Physical Body

10.The Hunt

11.We Are One

12.My World


14.Rise 6/18/16

15.Law before lust 4pages 6/24/16

16.Battle Royal 3pages 7/11/16

​17.Remote Control 1page 7/21/16

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An Original Afrofuturistic Science Fiction Fantasy Adverture told by artist Naki-waoobake aka (Andrew L. Willis). This body of work is a rare commodity. A must have for you out the box thinkers. 

The Quantum Portals past, present, and future events happing in the minddar universe. Continuation from The Travel Guide.

This is a brief introduction into the minddar universe The Travel Guide. The place where i explain stuff. The architect is chased into the world of his mind. continued story from the black hole series books 1-4 each planet will have its own book to explore in detail.